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Ausstellung Kunstraub99 von 7.12.17 - 9.1.2018





Mechthild Op Gen Oorth is a German / US American photographer. Her work is black and white, exclusively analogue fine art photography.

Mechthild Op Gen Oorth trusts in the expressive nature of the images in the constructive, creative process of photography and does not use any form of computer image editing technique. This kind of classical, analogy photography is known as Fine Art Photography. Her main emphasis lies in the motives which are created without any casual context whatsoever and thus distinguishes between the process of fine art photography and that of photo journalism or commercial photography.


Hinter den Schienen: Der Blues im abgelegenen Amerika - Lübecker Nachrichten

Interview in Black & White Magazine

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Vernissage - Jacques Brel - Einladung zur Ausstellungseröffnung

Martin Walser at Mechthild Op Gen Oorth's Blues Exibition in Chicago

German writer Martin Walser reading at the Goethe Institut Chicago, USA; on the occasion of
Mechthild Op Gen Oorth's "Blues Exibition". In Cooperation with German Consulate General.

Porträts von der anderen Seite der Schienen - Ostholsteiner Anzeiger

Bluesausstellung auf dem Bluesfest in Eutin.

Over the Railroad Tracks
17. Mai - 01. Juli 2012: Mechthild Op Gen Oorth Fotoausstellung, „Over The Railroad Tracks“ auf dem Bluesfest in Eutin.

Vernissage: Mittwoch, 16. Mai, 19.00 Uhr.

Soirée France-Belgique/ Vernissage-Récital "Le Grand Jacques", photos by Mechtild Op Gen Oorth

Soirée France-Belgique/ Vernissage-Récital
"Le Grand Jacques", photos by Mechtild Op Gen Oorth

Join us for the opening of an exhibition of photos by Mechtild Op Gen Oorth inspired by Belgian-born singer Jacques Brel's timeless words, followed by a recital of Brel's songs with Cabaret DuobMarick & Elaine. The photographer will be present, a vin d’honneur will be served and the exhibition is open until March 30th on the 2nd floor of the Alliance.

Raindrops glimmer on the table at a garden restaurant during autumn. An empty room speaks of dramatic events in the past. This is how the Cologne artist Mechthild Op Gen Oorth introduces Jacques Brel’s chanson
"Ne me quitte pas" (Don’t leave me) She enhances with the silouettes of two fishermen huddled at the beach under low hanging rainy clouds "Le plat pays"( The flat land ). "“La chanson des vieux amants “"( The song of old lovers) she embroiders large mountains with a tiny pair of lovers overlooking the sunset. The melancolic mood of the immortal songs by Jacques Brel (1929–1978) could not better depicted than in the 28 picturesque black and white photographs with a soft tone of sepia, presented under the title


Mechthild OP Gen Oorth who works exclusively analog and enlarges every photo herself, found the motives in Belgium and the North of France.

How does one get the idea of turning music into photography? Her answer: “I find it exhiting two combine two instruments of art. I did that already with my exhibit “OVER THE RAILROAD TRACK”. Where I took the portraits of old Blues musicians in Juke Joints in Mississippi." This exhibit was shown last year in Cologne, the artist told, and in Chicago during November 2011, where the artist has a second residence since 1995. She was born in Hamburg, as a grandchild to Arthur Illies, the impressionistic painter. At the age of seven she started to take photos of him with an Agfa Box and 6:9 cm film. 35 years later she moved to Cologne, where her two children were born and raised and where she startet her career as a fashion photographer. Soon she became recognized by leading experts—the Cologne “ Pope of Photography” Prof. L. Fritz Gruber considered her:

”As a photographer she is of a class that is very seldom found and capable of combining her excellent knowledge of photography, lab work and artistic ideas into one masterpiece. Her black and white motives seem to hover over the white surface.”

Several years ago she got the call to become member of the
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photography (German Society of Photography)—which presents something like a Knight-Hood in Photography. Just as poetic as her portraits are her photos of a hardly glamorous Berlin which she exhibited 2009 in the Capital and in cooperation with the local German Consulate General 2010 in Chicago. Of these pictures she also published a small book.

Alliance Francaise Chicago

Thursday, March 01, 2012 6:30 p.m. 54 W. Chicago Avenue
Free Admission

Newspaper article about my "Jacques Brel" exhibition.

German newspaper Kölnische Rundschau's artcile about my exhibition in Cologne. Barbro Schuchardt really caught, what i want to express with my photos.

EXIBITIONS 2011 / 2012

21. October 2011 - Chicago, USA
"Over the Railroad Track - Blues"
at Goethe Institute Chicago + Deutsches Generalkonsulat - German Consulate General Chicago

24. November 2011 - Cologne, Germany
"Le Grand Jacques - Un hommage à Jacques Brel"
Belgisches Generalkonsulat, Cäcilienstr 46, 50667 Cologne

March 2012 - Chicago, Alliance Francaise
"Le Grand Jacques - Un hommage à Jacques Brel"
Festival de la Francophonie - Wallonie Bruxelles - Canada/Québec - Republique Francaise - Suisse - Vietnam - Romania

14. September 2012 - Cologne
Kunstraub 99 Gallery
"Le Grand Jacques - Un hommage à Jacques Brel"
Aachenerstr. 1002, 50858 Cologne, Germany

BAROCK by Mechthild Op Gen Oorth

Impressions of Vernissage "OVER THE RAILROAD TRACK" - 29/10/2010





Fine Art Photography by MECHTHILD OP GEN OORTH
On Thursday August 19th 2010 at 6 p.m., 150 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 200 - Chicago Il. 60601, USA.
In Cooperation with the Goethe Institut Chicago.
Greetings by Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of the City of Berlin.

Mechthild Op Gen Oorth

The famous german-american photographer Mechthild Op Gen Oorth is a member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie and granddaughter of the German impressionist Arthur Illies. She has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA; including Hamburg, New York, Chicago, Cardiff, Frankfurt and Cologne. Some of her exhibitions were part of the cultural exchange programme in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.